My Best Friend, Jasmine

W. B. Yeats, an Irish poet, once said, “Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends.” And I say, my glory began when I met Jasmine. She is a 19-year-old neat, outgoing, funny and very kind person. Above all that, she is my best friend. I had the chance to know her two years ago. The moment we met, we became friends. She got her baccalaureate degree from Syria in 2007. A year later, she went back to Baghdad and started to study computer communications in Al-Mansour College.

I have been through a lot of difficulties in my last two years. Indeed, she was the only one who shared my hardships. She helped me to survive my baccalaureate year when I failed, and to get my baccalaureate the year after.

I gained a lot of study skills and effective strategies for my study. Moreover, she taught me how to change sad and upset moments into happy and joyful ones through doing what I’m good at, for instance playing guitar. “Do not be upset if you don’t understand something. You and I will figure it out. Every problem has its own solution,” she said in one of her teaching sessions.

Apart from that, my family and I had many discomforts. The first one occurred when my father had a financial problem. As a result, we sold our house in Baghdad. “Mustafa you cannot afford to live another month here if the house will not be sold,” Jasmine said. The second problem happened when my grandfather passed away. I was depressed and frustrated. Everything in my life at that time turned gloomy. She helped me to get through this, and told me that I should stand next to my father and help him to get over his father’s death. Furthermore, frequently, she stood next to me in my family problems last year. She helped me to control my temper and to be cool through anger and tense times. I have become a nice person who cheers up the home and decreases the tension.

For all those reasons, I cherish her friendship because Jasmine is the one who was with me in my hard times. She helped me to search for my skills and use them in the right places, like swimming and playing guitar, because I usually said that I’m not good in either swimming or guitar.

In short, she encourages me and supports me in every step in my life. She wants all good for me. I think that’s a hard thing to find in a friendship. Thanks to her I’ve become more ambitious and hardworking. Thanks, Jasmine.

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