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Starting a Political Club at DePaul University, Chicago


To whom it may concern,


A new political club is about to commence. The club will be discussing the Middle East politics, and the United States Foreign Policy. There are executive board positions that have not been filled yet, if you are interested. If you do not want to be on the executive board, but are still interested in the club topics, then continue reading the next part of the email – contact information. There will be information on how to get involved and when and where the meetings will be held. The club has not started yet.

Contact Information

If you are interested in knowing more about the club or joining it, feel absolutely free to contact me at my cell or email or just come see me at my room.

Mustafa Basree

University Hall

3rd Floor, Room 311


The Schedule & Topics Discussed

The club will, ideally, meet on a weekly basis. Each bi-week the club will be themed with a country in the Middle East, which is voted on by the members of the club. For the chosen country, a brief presentation will be made by either the club, or its members. Also, it will briefly cover the current news, allocate room for debates, and provide a space for people to share their visions/interpretations/predictions of the past/current/future events and their implications on the concerned country, the region, and/or the world. In addition to that, the club will attempt to bring in speakers that will help shed some light on specific topics. Similar to choosing a Middle Eastern state, the speakers are nominated by the members of the club. All efforts will be made in terms of having the guest speakers at our club.

Background Information

America has emerged as a superpower by the end of the World War II and the beginning of the Cold War (1946-1991). This fact had brought with it a number of policies that shaped different countries and regions across the globe. From Uruguay, Panama, and China, to Iraq, Egypt and Libya, the US interventions have severely impacted the mentioned countries – among many, many others. The club will mainly be focusing on the Middle East region.

DePaul Community

DePaul’s clubs and organizations have been surveyed recently. The school doesn’t have a single club/group that is concerned with the United States Foreign Policies, and it goes without saying, the Middle East.

The Middle East is undergoing constant geopolitical transformations. There is a historical context to the conflicts, and more precisely to the transformations.