Greenwald’s Heated Exchange with Maher on “Night Time”

I do not think Bill Maher, the self-appointed champion of atheism and liberalism, was expecting Night Time yesterday to be as hairy for him as it ended up being.

The constitutional litigator, who is now a full-time columnist for the Guardian, Glenn Greenwald used reason and facts to expose Maher’s bigotry and supremacy. Greenwald argued that Islam is as violent of a religion as Christianity and Judaism. He reasoned that much of the instability and violence occurring in the Middle East is in part due to US interference in the region. Therefore, we as American citizens need to be aware of that and take responsibility. Some of it at least and not to completely blame “… that primitive religion out there.”

This is not the first time that Maher dismisses Islam as the one and only evil threat of all religions. He never digs deeper to understand whether or not Islam actually promotes what he thinks it does. An AFP report on a recent Gallop survey on Islam destroys Maher’s generalizations and perceptions of Islam. The study shows that of religion’s 1.3 billion followers 93% are moderates with the vast majority of 1.3 billion condemning 9/11 and other attacks against the US. So what does this leave us with for Maher? He bought into the disgusting rhetoric championed by radicals on the right.

What’s funny – or not funny, interesting maybe – is that whenever Maher doesn’t like something he says “That’s silly liberal view…. .” Here’s the Youtube video via StopTheWarCoalition:

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