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What’s on your mind today, would you like to share it? If you want so, then you’re in the right place. Discuss it here!

If you’re confused, questioning things, and finding yourself often asking the question “where do I fit in this 13.77 billion year old universe?” well then we can be friends and chat about that. Or, we can chat about philosophical meaning of our existence? If none interests you, we can talk about how does a fish decided which way to swim when it wakes up in the morning? Good stuff, I know.

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4 thoughts on “General Comments

  1. Ahmed Alazawi

    I read your essay about palm trees and it was great, I think I am going to pull some of the ideas and put it in my essay! hhh just kidding.
    nice work dude and I really think that you are a great writer. wish you the best from the depth of my heart.

    Your bro
    Ahmed Alazawi

  2. Hala Farah

    Hi Mustafa
    well done my friend, the bloge is wonderful, the iraqi spirit is just obviouse.
    keep on the good work my friend.
    i hope to see more colours, pictures may be, becouse u know when we are away from home we just love to see something that keeps reminding us of who we are and what we love.

    1. mustafabasri Post author

      Actually Hala, I’m thinking into post some photos regarding these subjects, Iraq and Baghdad.
      Also, I encourage people from other provinces to send me some photo-stories from their own province or neighborhood.

      W tkrami ela ahut 9oar!


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