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Running in the Arctic Weather

Yesterday’s first 8am group run was fantastic! I got to run with awesome group of people who all defied subzero temperatures to kick off marathon training program. Other than minor challenges in the trail, such as phone turning off and getting lost after I split from the group, I felt good at the end – maybe because there was chocolate milk waiting for me…

Week 1 CRC Westerville Warriors

Week 1 CRC Westerville Warriors

Nutrition-wise, I got up around 6 in the morning to have breakfast. I generally like to eat before working out. I figured with 5-mile run I don’t want to starve my body and have it eat away at my muscles. Besides, two hours would be sufficient time for my body to process whatever I eat. I had three scrambled medium sized eggs and some tea. I figured I would read my book (The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria) while waiting to get ready. There’s just something different about reading first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. I felt more focused and critical of the text. Anyways, I did that for like an hour while sipping on hot cardamom tea…

Talk about frigid weather (-18 Celsius)

I stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear for this -1 degree Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). I followed CRC’s suggestions and wore my Saucony tights, a base, wool shirt + a dry fit, cotton shirt and a light, windproof jacket plus gloves and ear muffs. I double socked (wool and cotton) because I knew I’d step in the snow and Vaselined my face just in case it gets dry in the cold. Glasses proved to be very good at keeping my lashes from getting icy 🙂

I got the store and was surprised to see that somewhere between 25-30 people showed up. My excuses were nothing but excuses when I saw young and old people running. I got excited and a little fired up. Mike from CRC gave his little spiel about the route, pace, and consent (in case we lose a limb or get a frostbite then we can’t sue CRC.) This is America where everybody sues everybody so whatever I signed it and headed out besides the 11-min/mile bucket.


Rocky Moment

The course had snow, mostly plowed, but some areas had about 2-3 inches of snow just sitting there. Those 50-100 meter stretches were a bit difficult to run. I felt like Rocky Balboa when he was training in Russia to fight Ivan Drago! I said to myself if Rocky can do it then why can’t I? So I felt light. I persisted and kept hopping. Non-snow trails felt a lot easier compared to that one. It was power, strength training for my calves!! On my way back my phone turned off because it’s old and slow. I tried to turn it back on to listen to music but I tripped, phone dropped and went under a car. Anyways, after I retrieved it I noticed that I lost my GPS, run data and music. To top it off, I missed the turn back to the store. So I may have run a couple extra blocks trying to figure out where I was. I was cold, lost and without music – I got a little angry. I remembered Rocky again! He didn’t have any of those and kept going so I did too. I was so happy and relieved to be back to CRC. I had two small cups of chocolate milk and a banana! I stretched a little and headed home after (I got Starbucks on my way back because if you know me, you know I’m a slave to the corporate. Besides it was 9am soo it as perfect timing for coffee.)

Overall, I think I spent somewhere between 52-55 minutes running 5.2ish miles. Not bad for a first run since there were times when I slowed down due to snow or stopped to take pictures or drink water. My hands were freezing. I had them in my jacket pockets for about 90% of the run. I may need to invest in another set.. my calves weren’t bad at all while running, I didn’t cramp or get knee pain. I really like my Brooks shoes, they are very light and have great padding in the heal area. The only thing I experienced was a minor back pain and malaise. I hope it wouldn’t become a problem during my longer runs. I may need to strengthen it a little bit more at the gym or alter my form?

Selfie stop may have happened

Selfie stop may have happened. Beard getting slightly icy.

Great run! Great kick off to the training program. I didn’t get a frostbite. I didn’t lose a limb! Next run is tomorrow!!

Running My First Marathon

Run like a turtle!

I decided to run a marathon….yep…a full one which equals to 26.2 miles (or 42.2km for those who can’t do miles.)! Specifically, I’m signing up for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Sunday May 17th, 2015. If you are running it, see ya at 7am with bells on!!

I recognize that this is a challenge I should not take lightly. I’m also mindful of the potential injuries I might incur upon myself. However, I’m doing this because I would like to push myself to the limits. I will stop when I feel like I’m going to hurt myself. So here’s to a new year of love, peace and fitness.

I’m blogging about this because I’m secretly freaking out. Now that some people are following me I’d be embarrassed to quit. The plan is, I tell myself, this blog will incentivize me to run and propel those feet to bounce…

Kitty thinks I'm weird

Kitty thinks I’m weird

So those of you who know me know that I’m into fitness and healthy eating. I strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle between working out and indulging in worldly things. (Trust me, I eat chocolate, ice cream and cheesy burgers on a regular basis. I mean if you bring me chocolate you pretty much own my soul.) I maintain a healthy fat% by simply following basic fitness/nutrition rules as in working out often and watching my portions. That’s it. I leave the rest to my body to deal with it. I digress.


I started running for the first time last year February 2014. It was because I started a new job that had a FitClub. Since I was a newbie I wanted to blend in…I signed up for The Ohio State’s Ross Heart Hospital 5K. I reached out to my friend, Andrea, a former cross country runner, to see if she would run it! I was scared so I really hoped Andrea would say yes. She did!! And we finished 31-something minutes.

Ross Hearth Hospital 5k. I was very excited.

Ross Hearth Hospital 5k. I was very excited.

After that I did 10k with Columbus Running Company (1:07h) and the Hot Chocolate 15k (1:42h). I did plenty of 5k’s on the side. My 5k PR = 25:16m. Although it isn’t very good, I run for fun. I never really consciously think of going fast.

I get excited when I see cameras. This was probably my 7th mile in.

Hot Chocolate 15k; finished 1:42h

I registered with Columbus Running Company for a 17-week training plan. They are graciously offering the plan for free, supplementing it with coach lectures about form and nutrition and peppering it with help from physical therapists to talk about injury prevention and crosstraining. In addition, they offer this wonderful thing on Saturdays at 8am where people go on group runs from CRC stores throughout Columbus. I think the plan is doable; I may need to alter my lifting schedule to accommodate this new program. But I can do it.

I already got an email from the lead couch detailing the training program and services provided to help us succeed accomplishing this big goal.. I’m pumped for this week’s Meet the Couch night! I get to meet my new running buddies and talk about…

“Why does everything hurt?” and “what the heck are strides?”


I’m incredibly excited. Salam.

Some stats:
Weight: 152.3lbs
Height: 170cm
%Fat (last checked December 28, 2014): 7.6%
5k PR: 25:16 minutes

I’m debating whether or not I should add a body picture…