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Call for Support: Monday in NYC!

Dear Friends and Family in NYC,

As many of you know, our friends Josh, Shane and Sarah were detained in Iran last summer and have been held in Evin Prison, Tehran for over 9 months now. Last week we learned frightening news that both Shane and Sarah are facing serious health issues and all three are considering a hunger strike. Our campaign Free The Hikers (www.freethehikers.org) has held numerous events in New York City over the past year.

This Monday, May 3rd, President Ahmadinejad of Iran will be visiting the U.N. to address the beginning of a nuclear disarmament conference.  Family and friends will gather in front of the U.N. to call for the immediate release of the hikers.  I am asking for your support by joining the rally this Monday.  Please see event details below.

Place: Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, on north side of 47th Ave. between 1st and 2nd Ave.  Please enter from 2nd Ave.

Time: Begin arriving at 10am.  Critical mass needed at 11am, this is when U.N. delegates will begin arriving. Will be there (at least) until 1pm.

What: Help bring attention to the desperate situation of Josh, Shane and Sarah by holding a banner, wearing white t-shirts with photos of the three hikers around our necks, and handing out fliers.  If you join us, PLEASE WEAR WHITE (no green).

If you cannot be there for the whole event, please take a moment during your lunch-break to join us.  And if you have not done so already, please visit the webpage: www.freethehikers.org and see what other measures you can take to help bring Josh, Shane and Sarah home.

Thank you,
Mustafa Basri

Random Thought!

One day when my group and I were taking a class at Sarah and Shane’s, Sarah showed us an interesting view of Damascus. Before we started the class she took us to a roof of one of the buildings. The view was amazing. It’s indescribable. From that roof you can see Damascus. All Damascus: parks, mosques, churches, streets, clubs, everything. I still remember the things we were talking about. we were talking about how unpredictable Damascus weather was, especially where Sarah and Shane lived – uphill. It was great time.

Me, Sarah & Shane together in Nabak, Syria

She had created this sort of bridge that no other teacher I had had done before. She was more than a teacher, more than a friend. I used to talk to her about virtually anything concerns me, whether class material, things we discuss in class, or generally life issues… I miss our talks; I miss you, Sarah!

I had you in my mind today during the vigil. It might sound absurd but I really wanted you and Shane sitting with me (I know, we will change the poster to something else, don’t worry) today. I know where you are now is kind of has warm weather, at BU beach today though it was great as the cool breeze started to get higher. After you get home, spend sometime with your family, you should definitely get here and sit at BU beach!

I will take you there.. As you read this! Someday, soon…