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Book #1 for the Summer . . .

I like to read. A lot.

Sadly because of work and academics I was not able to read as much, leisurely that is. There is something enjoyable and rather connecting about reading a book for fun versus for class. Anyways, I generated a preliminary summer read list (I will post sometimes soon) but could not decide which book to go first.

So I narrowed it down to Paul Krugman’s End This Depression Now and Jeff Sachs’s The Price of Civilization. After some contemplation I chose the latter. It triumphed for not only I think it will help me understand the former better, but also because of two sentences caught my eyes in the preface:

“Let us tip our hats to the young people throughout America and around the world who want to create societies that are fairer, happier, and environmentally sustainable. This book is for them, for they will be the ones to reclaim out shared values and to renew the democratic spirit in the years ahead.” (Sachs. 2011).

And another sentence on page one:

“The economic crisis of recent years reflects a deep, threatening, and ongoing deterioration of our national politics and culture of power.” (Sachs. 2011)

The trick worked. My views resonant with those mentioned above. I’m interested to explore his argument regarding creating a better society and restoring “an ethos of social responsibility.”

Thought I’d share that with the world….