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A Person’s Impression in Life

Among the vast millions of people around the world, doubtless, few are kept in mind after their death. You don’t have to be famous or genius, in Physics or Math, in order to be remembered. I believe that, it is so important to put one’s best attitude everyday to the people, by treating them kind and nice. A person can spread joy and love to the people around them, as well as spread positive feelings in themselves.  In my personal opinion, I want to be remembered by my actions towards my community and the people around me.


Life is so long and amazing. It’s about choices, because everyone creates their own unique individuality and characteristics. If I asked to categorize people, I’ll do that according to their choices in life. For instance, people who make others comfortable and happy around them, and on the other hand, those who don’t care about others, that is what I believe in. I have faith in the own ability to make others comfortable and feel wonderful about themselves. I believe in tomorrow and in a second chance, because they are the most significant concepts to human beings. Through this idea, a person will does the best of his actions to the particular day that he lives. Take my case as an example, I’ve became more aware and concerned about my people’s needs. Moreover, now I’m working on completing my education and returning to my country where I can be an additional beneficial element to the combination of my community. Therefore, people will remember me as the one who helped his country to stand on its feet all over again, after the occupation.


When I wake up, I begin thinking every day. This is the beginning of a new day; I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is important because I’m using a day of my life for it. For that matter, this day I will do good, appropriate and effective things towards the people around me. I want to be a friend to everybody. I want to have and achieve a dream of mine every single day of my life. However, I want to be remembered for the satisfactory and pleasant things I did. I’m certain that people will not remember what I said, and might for what I did for my own interest. They will always remember how I made them feel. I don’t want to be remembered as a bad soccer player or physically, strong or weak, or even smart or average. I want to be remembered by the friendship I made, the care and compassion towards others and the most important part, the faith and hope that never die inside. Furthermore, I want to be remembered by the happiness and goodness that I contributed with the world. Life would be so much enjoyable if every person looked to the inside beauty of others.


 To make a long story short, at your funeral, when someone comes up and say such nice things about you, and the way that you lived your life. Your children or even your grandchildren will be so happy and proud of you, for the only fact that you did things that last and remembered after death. I believe that, this is the most important thing that we all should live for, to commit to people’s memory. “Goodness does not consist in greatness, but greatness in goodness,” an Egyptian-born Greek writer, Athenaeus, once said.