What do you know about Iraq?

Here you’ll have the chance to share what you know about Iraq.

A quite few people know much about Iraq, and what Iraq really is or was.

Arabs, Americans, or whoever know anything about Iraq are more than welcome to see and share their knowledge and experiences here.

In order to complete this combination, I need your touch in it! So feel free to post comments or stories.

You don’t have to register in order to post.

1 thought on “What do you know about Iraq?

  1. JustAnotherGirl

    I guess I’m the first to comment? Well what do I know about Iraq? hmm
    Let’s start about life in Iraq? good?

    Okay well, the thing that stands out more is what we DON’T have rather then what we DO have. I feel like this negativity is like a disease spread around our modern society.

    I feel like everyone knows someone (like network science) and in the end you realize you sort of have connections all over Iraq some why or another. This connection allows people to pass messages from one person to the next and so forth.
    so anyway, if 1 person says a word (bound to be negative) the rest of Iraq will hear about it in a few weeks. (I’m overreacting a bit)

    Anyway, anyway, you already know this. but my point is if you pass just one positive message, I think that will make a difference, sort of what your doing :))

    Okay something else now

    The electricity generators are a disgrace to humanity. I mean seriously, my family bought one last year, and then 1 month later it broke! Last week (when the weather was like half way twoards boiling point) it broke again seriously sometimes I wonder how people live in these conditions. It’s really heartbreaking.

    Okay wrote too much 🙂 btw Really great blog mate ;D


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