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Broken Car, Muscle Loss, and Awesome Running Week! (Week 3 of Marathon Training)

Some snowy trail it was!

Some snowy trail it was!

Terrific training week as far as running goes! I far exceeded my weekly pace goal running an average of 09:40min/mile!! Aside from that, this week has been an emotional roller coaster. I started off the week a little mad because I did not have a car due to the engine acting up for some reason. I brought the car back on Saturday only to find out that it still has the same problem. What sucks even more is that I do not understand the science behind the problem- which really bugs me. I’m like a kid whose couple years old favorite Christmas toy is broken and he does not know how to fix it. Anyways, I just want it fixed so I can sell it and get something else.

Apart from that, I noticed that I have lost some weight (both fat and skeletal muscle) since last year. It appears that endurance training has been eating away my sweet little muscles that I worked hard for the past couple years. While my legs look big, my upper body does not. At least I do not have chicken legs! Those are not aesthetically appealing at all. Starting tomorrow I will carb up to maximize my glycogen and hit muscles hard to build/maintain my musculature. I’m thinking of a diet along the lines of 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, 20% fat with caloric intake of roughly 2500-3000. Earlier today I made some whole wheat pasta with spinach and garlic for work week starting tomorrow. I also baked some fish fillet with olive oil, lemon and garlic to get my protein. I may utilize MyFitnessPal to keep track of all that? Reassess in couple weeks. Currently, I’m 148.6lbs and have 10% PBF.

My mechanic has a kitty, Tess, who helps him around apparently.

My mechanic has a kitty, Tess, who helps him around apparently.

As far as running goes I did not have a problem with any of my runs. The only time I walked was during my long run on Saturday. It was not even long, maybe 30 or 40 seconds tops. So yay me! I have this dull discomfort along the lateral side of my anterior tibalis, It goes away or is managed with a calf sleeve. I may utilize Ohio State’s Sports Medicine Department (who Columbus Running Company has graciously provided for us) to check that. Last thing I want is to be off running for couple weeks recovering from an injury!

Obligatory post-run, pre-caffeine selfie.

Obligatory post-run, pre-caffeine selfie.

Last Week’s To-Do List Results:

  • I far exceeded my pace goal running an average of 09:40min/mile! Next week’s goal is to run somewhere between 09:00 and 09:25min/mile pace. So fingers crossed!
  • I have actually minimized walking to a great degree this week. I ran 3- and 4-miles non-stop on the treadmill. The only time I walked was on Saturday’s 8-mile run. I can’t decide if I was tired or bored. But I definitely made three stops, two for water and one when I saw a puppy! Could not resist petting the pupp.
  • As far as nutrition goes, I have been eating fairly clean and healthy following a 30-40-30 diet to build muscle and whatnot. I’m changing this to 50-30-20 because my priorities are slightly different now that I want to build up energy storage so that on my long runs my body does not turn to muscle to chew.

Yesterday after I got back from my run (and had a grande pike roast coffee) and did yoga! It was a great session filled with plenty of stretching. Although the instructor’s voice was not particularly calming, I was able to zen and bracket out the week’s negative energy. I was there for me. My body needed it. I felt rejuvenated and more appreciative and grateful. Despite his deep voice, I liked the instructor for he allows people to do what they like and branch off of whatever he’s doing. I like to stretch a little longer sometimes or go deeper in a stretch or a pose. I think this will be my new ritual on Saturdays. I used to go to yoga on Mondays but in the past few weeks work has gotten in the way.

Kubbah hamudh (or beef and cilantro stuffed rice shells). Each ball has lots of protein and carbs for my body to snag on.

Kubbah hamudh (or beef and cilantro stuffed rice shells). Each ball has lots of protein and carbs for my body to snag on after a run.

Week 3 Running Stats:
Monday 1/26 3 miles= 28:37 minutes, pace= 09:32 min/mile (woohoo!!!)
Wednesday 1/28 4 miles= 38:00 minutes, pace= 09:30 min/mile
Saturday 1/31 8 miles= 1:20:45 hours, pace= 09:58 min/mile (great run, awesome scenery, and I got to make some new friends :))!

Week 3 average pace= 09:40min/mile

Lastly, it appears that we’re expecting a snow storm tomorrow morning. More snow, because we miss it you know? NO. Hopefully snow does not start falling until I get to work at 7am!! At any rate, I’m excited for tomorrow! New week and new page in the book of life..

A little dry, cold morning.

A little dry, cold Saturday morning!

Running in the Arctic Weather

Yesterday’s first 8am group run was fantastic! I got to run with awesome group of people who all defied subzero temperatures to kick off marathon training program. Other than minor challenges in the trail, such as phone turning off and getting lost after I split from the group, I felt good at the end – maybe because there was chocolate milk waiting for me…

Week 1 CRC Westerville Warriors

Week 1 CRC Westerville Warriors

Nutrition-wise, I got up around 6 in the morning to have breakfast. I generally like to eat before working out. I figured with 5-mile run I don’t want to starve my body and have it eat away at my muscles. Besides, two hours would be sufficient time for my body to process whatever I eat. I had three scrambled medium sized eggs and some tea. I figured I would read my book (The Post-American World by Fareed Zakaria) while waiting to get ready. There’s just something different about reading first thing in the morning or before you go to bed. I felt more focused and critical of the text. Anyways, I did that for like an hour while sipping on hot cardamom tea…

Talk about frigid weather (-18 Celsius)

I stood in front of my closet trying to figure out what to wear for this -1 degree Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius). I followed CRC’s suggestions and wore my Saucony tights, a base, wool shirt + a dry fit, cotton shirt and a light, windproof jacket plus gloves and ear muffs. I double socked (wool and cotton) because I knew I’d step in the snow and Vaselined my face just in case it gets dry in the cold. Glasses proved to be very good at keeping my lashes from getting icy 🙂

I got the store and was surprised to see that somewhere between 25-30 people showed up. My excuses were nothing but excuses when I saw young and old people running. I got excited and a little fired up. Mike from CRC gave his little spiel about the route, pace, and consent (in case we lose a limb or get a frostbite then we can’t sue CRC.) This is America where everybody sues everybody so whatever I signed it and headed out besides the 11-min/mile bucket.


Rocky Moment

The course had snow, mostly plowed, but some areas had about 2-3 inches of snow just sitting there. Those 50-100 meter stretches were a bit difficult to run. I felt like Rocky Balboa when he was training in Russia to fight Ivan Drago! I said to myself if Rocky can do it then why can’t I? So I felt light. I persisted and kept hopping. Non-snow trails felt a lot easier compared to that one. It was power, strength training for my calves!! On my way back my phone turned off because it’s old and slow. I tried to turn it back on to listen to music but I tripped, phone dropped and went under a car. Anyways, after I retrieved it I noticed that I lost my GPS, run data and music. To top it off, I missed the turn back to the store. So I may have run a couple extra blocks trying to figure out where I was. I was cold, lost and without music – I got a little angry. I remembered Rocky again! He didn’t have any of those and kept going so I did too. I was so happy and relieved to be back to CRC. I had two small cups of chocolate milk and a banana! I stretched a little and headed home after (I got Starbucks on my way back because if you know me, you know I’m a slave to the corporate. Besides it was 9am soo it as perfect timing for coffee.)

Overall, I think I spent somewhere between 52-55 minutes running 5.2ish miles. Not bad for a first run since there were times when I slowed down due to snow or stopped to take pictures or drink water. My hands were freezing. I had them in my jacket pockets for about 90% of the run. I may need to invest in another set.. my calves weren’t bad at all while running, I didn’t cramp or get knee pain. I really like my Brooks shoes, they are very light and have great padding in the heal area. The only thing I experienced was a minor back pain and malaise. I hope it wouldn’t become a problem during my longer runs. I may need to strengthen it a little bit more at the gym or alter my form?

Selfie stop may have happened

Selfie stop may have happened. Beard getting slightly icy.

Great run! Great kick off to the training program. I didn’t get a frostbite. I didn’t lose a limb! Next run is tomorrow!!

Power is in Numbers

Tonight’s couch night at the CRC Westerville store was a success! I feel much more confident and optimistic about the race. The meeting’s uplifting spirit and attendees’ energy left me slightly less intimidated about the training plan.

Mike (in red) at the Couch Night meeting at CRC Westerville

Mike (in red) at the Couch Night meeting at CRC Westerville

Eric, who I think co-founded the chain store, started off the meeting talking about the plan, the runs, and what CRC offers for participants. Mike, the other couch, will be leading those group runs. He talked extensively about the logistics and purpose. Every Saturday morning (and Tuesday evening?) there’s a group run where people run distances between 5-20 miles. It is designed in a way so that people get to know each other, hold themselves accountable, and simply have fun!! I really like this idea for I would probably be bored out of my mind just running by myself. Even though I usually run with headphones on, I enjoy having a running buddy. It helps me maintain a conversational pace, conserve energy, and run longer. With running long distances, I feel like after sometime you just forget about running and cruise along. It could be psychological. But hey whatever, it works for me.

In addition, it looks like there will be a theme every other week of the plan. Meaning we will be couched on say form, pace, and running techniques. CRC also offers a nutritionist on staff to help us eat healthy and prepare for the race. Due to my heavy lifting regimen my diet is comprised of mainly protein and some carbs. I’d assume that with running you might want to use carbs than protein- otherwise, your body might eat away from muscle. So it’s cool that they have that. Even cooler, CRC is partnering with OSU Sports Medicine department to work with us. We will spend an hour or so with physical therapists talking about injury prevention and treatment. With every moving part of the plan, we can meet one on one to say devise a customized plan or talk about specific concerns. Next time we’re meeting with the doctors, I will talk to them about my runner’s knee and propensity to have shin splints.

I can’t wait to start training. It will be challenging to get those weekday runs after work especially after being up since 5:30am. I also need to adjust my lifting program to accommodate running and cross training like spin class or yoga. That is fine for my goal up until race day is to focus on running. Lifting is second.

What made me feel good about myself also was the diversity of participants; they were people of different ages, colors, and running backgrounds. There were absolute beginners who never ran outside of gym treadmill and those who had marathon medals.

In the end, Eric said something about group runs that really stuck with me: “Power is in numbers; we will carry each other through the training.” Establishing new friendships is in and of itself a motivation for me, besides the marathon, to go out for those runs. I’m pumped.

Stay tuned for Saturday vibe! I hope I make some friends 🙂